Sunday, February 15, 2009

to infinity and beyond!

/// \\\ /// \\\ elizabeth knows that

the only way to create anything new is for it to be spontaneous and for not even the creater to understand it's meaning

maybe i am content with losing myself in all of the noise, all of the faces and plans, maybe i don't mind staying out late and disconnecting myself from what i've been taught to participate in wanting and creating, and maybe not sleeping until a few hours before i should wake up is fine, and maybe ignoring you both is surprising for my character- but i realize it poses a bit of a problem if i were to not do so.

and maybe her chapped lips match all yours.
and maybe it's the way your jeans fit, like they're swallowing you the way you taste everything cool. how your cardigans hang off those bones like you've perfected the art. and maybe it's all in a glittering implication, that gap before the truth prevails. and so maybe it's the sparkle of a promise right before the fore shadow of a sizzling out. and maybe for a quick sip, you're not a bad drink. what's your damage? right?

but on an adventurous and potentially over-zealous side note: GUESS, JUST GUESS, who will be renting a house with two male accomplices by the name of billy and jared. i'll hitch my wagon to that star. good night, goodbye, au revoir, adieu, and merci boucoup!

i spin some webs and destroy some others,

but you've crawled around in all that i've ever tied myself up in.

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