Thursday, February 5, 2009

get outta cap cod /// [[[ /// ]]] ///

subject a: wow, my likes and dislikes turn on me
and get so predictable...

i can like you for as long as you're only a reminder of a faint secret, for the short time where you feed something to me that's only for me- or atleast appears so. but the second it's all public and branded, general and ambiguous without a hint of possibility, you're irrelevent to any interests.

or, actually, the worst part of it is:
you're completely relevent to multiple fronts of interests_


so i've got these cold fingers here, click clacking away, and all the chances and opportunities i felt i could see in the distance like they were the fourth dimension, well they've all dulled down now to a permanent side note.

subject b: sometimes i only stick it out because i can't think of anything better and figure there's simultaenously a whole lot that's worse. but often i find it creeping up on me in slices of moments that peel back the things i assume are sensible and worthy. and often, like a whisper floating around, i hear something telling me that it's not the only way. it's not my only choice. it doesn't promise me what i want- it only offers me what i expect i should want.

"do what you fear, and the death of fear is certain."
said the cookie, and then it crumbled.

subject c:
i could make these words kiss your head,
and your eyes would still never see where they came from.

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