Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hey, let's cross the sea

and get some culture

wait, wait, i have some things to say. they just won't crawl out of my mouth just yet. i'll let my fingers tell it to you soon.

until then-
it is ten ten, seven more minutes and seven months ago we would have made a wish. it is ten ten, and i really like strawberry milkshakes lately. it is ten ten, and i'll have a fresh pack of reds next week that i'd like to have with a strawberry milkshake and anyone willing to join. it's ten ten, my hands are warm and my head is empty. it's ten ten, i haven't done any english homework all week and i feel great. it's ten ten, and this weekend we'll get lost in the gray, i've never got lost in any gray with you. it's ten ten, i've chipped off all my nail polish and azn's getting lost on the other line. it's ten ten and today me and billy painted pictures, we almost skipped class to keep going. it's ten ten, and the orbs outside that are actually the break lights of passing cars are taking me with them, now.

it's ten eighteen, and we forgot to wish.

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