Thursday, December 25, 2008

come on scarecrow, now it's time to hatch.

i want to be without. i want to be bare. i want to shed. i want to have another skin to jump into, one that's ripe and lacks a background. i'm just spilling out lies. i'm happy with this skin, i love being with, i've already shed, i am ripe. do you think i'm big? do you see my shadow covering yours? what's it like over there. i'm trying to see through cracks and holes in this fence here, but the view's never big enough, right? you think i'm scared like you're scared. and it's not the same, it's not the same thing. i'm scared because my day dreams out due your own, and yours are possible, yours are within reach. it's one hell of a leap, but you've got the muscles, you've got the push, you've got the force. mine are more complicated to run on after. it's more like i'm trying to pull them over here, instead. and my arms aren't like my hands, you see. my hands can put together, tear apart, form and create. my arms are like melting ice cream cones, and i've got no strength. you're scared because your strength might not be enough, i'm scared because i might not have any strength at all. so, what's it like over there? are you basking in your attempts, are you covering up your fears with your potential? well, so am i. but my fears aren't the same as yours. my position is not located next to your square. so roll the dice, take your next turn, and if you look at the space next to you i won't be there yet.

my thoughts circulate, they spin circles, they overlap with my wants. i see a bunch of you but none of you are what i'm looking for. a few faces, your frozen roles in my life, my frozen role in your own. and i can't ever melt it down to what i really feel like i am, and what i really feel like you are. burn those bridges that don't even exist, let's get a move on.

i just want to know what i should do, i'm tired of knowing what i can do, because i get so tired of deciding that i just choose D- none of the above. and i want all of the above.

i want all of the above.

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